I usually get asked are the common mistakes when it comes to presentations. It's actually a bit difficult to choose, maybe to think that it’s ok to have a written script in hand while presenting.

What happens if you use slides as your script instead? Well, you’ll end up putting too much text on the images. Is it really fun to watch someone who is reading their own text on their slides? At the risk of being insensitive, I wonder if you might just as well go home and let the audience read the message? Why did your audience even show up? I can assure you it’s not to look at slides. The audience can read much faster than you can talk. Thus, you will be completely out of sync!

The good news is that you don’t have to learn your presentation by heart. You can use a separate script (separate from the actual presentation slides). News anchors and TV hosts always use scripts, so why shouldn’t you? You may also browse and see what comes next. However, having the script handy doesn’t mean that you can read from it. You should still be very well prepared.

Your turn
Consider how your script should look like the next time you present - talking cards, key words or mind map on a paper or ebook reader.

Enjoy your day!