Hello again!

Today we continue with the importance of telling rather than describing something.

A story has a beginning, a middle and an end. This is why it is difficult to stop watching a film before it is finished - we have to know how it ends! 

I will illustrate it with a simple story.

An airline makes this promise to its customers and its employees: "We see each person as an individual with needs and desires that we want to fulfill."

It sounds nice but is not particularly startling.

Instead, let me tell you a story from the day-to-day running of that airline:

A woman is boarding an aircraft. She sits in her place and notices that she’s sitting next to a black man. 

She calls the stewardess and explains that sitting next to a black man is a problem that she wants resolved. She demands a solution.

The stewardess politely responds that she'll see what she can do and walks away.

What if I were to stop the story now? Just like that. You want to hear the end now, right? But you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Your turn
Get annoyed over the fact that you only heard the beginning and middle of the story. :-)

Irritating you is not pleasant, but there is a purpose to it ...