Sure, it was annoying that I did not give you the whole story yesterday. But I'm sure you know how effective it is to use stories in presentations. Once you have begun your story, your audience wants to hear more, and then you have the chance to reach the world with your message.

Now you get to find out the rest of the story:

The stewardess comes back and says that she has found a solution to the problem.

"Obviously, you do not have to sit next to such a horrible person. I wonder if you want a seat in first class?" She says, ... (pause) ... to the black man.

This story, you will remember. Why? Well, it is easy to understand and easy to retell. Even after a long time. (This is a well-known story story that has gone several times around the earth, so you may have already heard it.) But can you remember the airline's customer and employee commitment without looking back at yesterday's lesson?

Master presenter Steve Jobs said:

"It's the story, not the slides that will capture the imagination of your audience."

Your turn
Write down one more story from your business / organization and consider how you can use it in your profile.

See you tomorrow!


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