Writing copy is like boxing. Especially when it comes to your openings.

In the ring, if you don’t want to be eating the canvas, you have to think 3-4 punches ahead.

You have to predict your opponent’s counters, slips and movement patterns before he even thinks of doing them. Will you throw feints to keep him on his toes? Or mix up your style to land more shots? Or close the distance for more impact?

Similarly, if you want to keep readers hooked to your copy, you have to anticipate their thoughts and be mindful of each word, sentence and paragraph you deliver.

To hit hard and get results–like a boxer’s punches–your words have to flow. Non-stop.

Whatever you do, remember that your reader should smoothly slip into each new tightly woven sentence and paragraph.

You’re essentially guiding his thoughts, just as you would aim to guide your opponents movements and strikes in the ring.

Today’s task
Pick up something you’ve written resonantly. Take a few minutes to really study how smoothly you can read through it. Make a note in the margin whenever you pause or stumble on a paragraph.

Then go back and see what you can do to make your text smoother.