This is where you roll your sleeves up and start sleuthing behind the scenes.

Infamous copywriter John Carlton calls this becoming a sales detective and getting into a “ bogart-like gumshoe frame of mind.”

Try it for yourself:

Becoming a sales detective is all about using research to step inside your customer’s world.It will inject empathy into your copy and answers the all-important question…“who are you dealing with here?”

Today's task
Ok, today's task is a large one. Or you could make it a large one, your choice. Today I want you to try at least one of the following actions:

  • Interview customers. Need help? This post has 26 great resources for mastering customer interviews.

  • Scout out your competition, James Bond style. This post provides you with 37 tools that will help you do so.

  • Make Google Alerts you personal research assistant. Not familiar with Alerts? Read more here!