You’ve opened your copy with a bang. Got your reader’s attention and have captured his interest with a killer opening.

Next comes the meat of your sales letter.

Where you switch to full-auto, releasing a barrage of benefits that make your reader’s heart swell with desire, and create a burning itch that has to be scratched.

Benefits transform an ember of interest into a raging fire of desire that motivates people to act.

The image above shows a lovely example of benefit driven copy from Wrangler. Wrangler could have listed their features and said:

  • These regular rise jeans have slimming side seams and a subtle boot cut

  • They also have a reverse yoke

  • The jeans also have vertical back pockets and a contour waistband

Instead, they harnessed the power of benefit driven copy by showing how the features of their products benefit the user.

  • Slimming side seams and subtle boot cut to flatter your shape

  • A reverse yoke lifts the seat

  • Vertical back pockets are proportion to make the most of your assets

  • Contour waistbands means these jeans won’t gap in the back

Each feature constantly relates back to how it will make the reader look sexier, slimmer and more desirable. Which doesn’t just describe what they’re selling. It seductively drip feeds the product benefits into her brain.

Today’s task
Take five minutes and write three benefit driven bullets for a product or service you work with right now.