Another way to strengthen your headline is to attack it from a different angle. To do this, run it through a filter. In today’s lesson you will be introduced to three types of filters. 

1. The Benefit Driven Filter
This attacks from a benefit driven angle, and simply focuses on telling the reader what’s in it for him or her. For instance: “Securely send & share large files without email or FTP client.” It’s quick, clean, and does what any great headline should do; tell the reader what’s in it for him.

2. The Inspirational Filter
Applying this filter forces you to focus on how your product/service will help your reader achieve an “inspirational” goal or result. For example: “It is possible to make $100+ Per Hour From Freelance Blogging. I want to show you how.”

3. The Aggressive/Competitive Filter
Who doesn’t like sound of of being the best or beating the competition? That’s what aggressive filters focus on: Leaving the competition coughing in your dust bubbles. Here’s an example: “Get a free backlink analysis and find out how to beat your competition on google”.

Today's task
Use the filter above and create at least one headline for each filter. Yes, you should show your headlines to a coworker and yes, you should share them with me.