Regressions and milestones can be very confusing for parents because one day your baby seems fine and the next day they are fussy, clingy, and crying much more than the day before. 

You might start to think your baby is sick or something is wrong, but many times this marks that your baby is going through a change in their body. These changes are times of extreme learning leaps and these often come across as a period of crankiness, crying, clinginess, and sleep disruptions.

Although milestones are tough for both you and your baby, think of these as a positive sign that your baby is developing just as they should.  To help you through these changes I highly recommend The Wonder Weeks app or their website that tracks when to expect your baby’s next milestone. That way, you can understand what is happening in your baby's world and what could be the issue.

By understanding these phases, you can put your mind at ease being able to rule out certain scenarios.  

Today's task is to think about the last time your learned something that changed the way you viewed life.  Why does this apply to today's lesson?  Because within the first two years, your baby goes through 10 of these changes! 10! The next time your baby is showing signs of going through a milestone, think about how their world is changing.  What leap are they experiencing?  Can you help them work on their new skill?

I'll share a funny story about my own milestone as a parent.  I was an anxious new parent and worried about many things and The Wonder Weeks app helped me so much because it put my mind at ease about what change my daughter was going through and when. Before I knew about the app, I once was worried about my daughter's development because she wasn't crawling yet. I booked an appointment with the doctor, told her my worries, and then she watched little T for a few minutes as she picked up the smallest piece of lint with her tiny fingers and looked at it. The doctor looked straight back at me and said, "she's fine."  At the time, I wasn't satisfied with that answer.  But now I look back and actually laugh out loud because now I see how silly that was.  Babies do develop on a timeline but it's their timeline!  If they aren't hitting their milestone right when they "should", just wait a few weeks and give them time.

Being a parent is tough, there's no doubt about it.  Remember that you are doing great and be kind to yourself!


P.S. I am not paid to talk about The Wonder Weeks.  I speak about it because I think their work is great.  And I do think that the app or Leaps page on their website is better than the book.