Do you know how long your baby can happily stay awake? 

This is an important aspect to know because if your baby stays awake longer than they should, their body is flooded with the stress hormone cortisol which makes it even harder for them to fall asleep. The reason cortisol increases in the body is because your baby is trying to stay awake and they need the extra energy from cortisol to stay awake.  By knowing how long your baby can stay awake, you can beat cortisol and get your baby sleeping before they become overtired. 

Remember that this is a general chart.  You can use your baby's age range as a guide, but keep in mind that your baby may have a slightly different awake window time. You can keep track of your baby’s awake window by tracking the time from waking up to when they take a nap. Do these several days in a row. Be sure to watch their sleepy cues (rubbing eyes, pulling ears, red eyes, blank stare, etc.) and the clock to pinpoint what their awake time window is for them. 

Today's task is to watch the clock and sleepy cues to know your baby's awake window. You may need to do this for a few days to get the right awake time window for your baby.  If you continue tracking your days like we talked about in the first lesson, then this will be an easy task!


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