I know the concepts in this course have been quite challenging because they are not aligned to what everybody says. But if they were right, how is it that obesity and overweight is growing non-stop?

This simple yet powerful method is not only logical and make sense, but it is also science-based. You can find thousands of studies about it.

How is it that nobody in charge is talking about it? Politics, economics and thousands of other reasons…changing a whole system is not that easy. But let’s not worry about that, let’s worry about you!

In this lesson I will summarize the main points and try to clarify others so you get all the information and start to change your life immediately. 

1. Let’s begin with macronutrients.

There are no bad macronutrients - we need them all, protein, fat and carbs. They are in a perfect combination in nature and so they are perfect for us. The current industrial processes, for different reasons, change the composition of food and food becomes harmful to us. Another disadvantage is that processed food drives us to unconscious overconsumption and we lose the balance of nutrients and quantity because everything is altered by the industrial modification.  

2. Calories

These are proxy-indicators of energy; they are kind of arbitrary units. We do need energy and we use calories to have a unit to measure quantities and manage some information, but that is it. They are not directly related to overweight and obesity. Using calories to manage weight is so unspecific as using the number of red cars to count people with flu. Yes, some of them may use red cars and that is why there is a certain relation between them, but that’s pretty much it.

3. Natural food

It is the food as it is in the “wild”. An apple that looks like an apple, a bean that is actually a seed, fruits with all the skin on them. Same for animal meat. If by the moment you buy food it does not looks like the way it looks in nature, then do not eat it. 

4. Treats

Does eating only real food imply that you should never eat a chocolate again? What about a birthday cake? Never again? No, eating real food does not mean that at all. Birthday cakes, chocolates and treats are most welcome but always as an occasional treat, only for really important reasons. Hyper concentrated food should be eaten only sporadically and, as I said, for a very good reason and it should never be part of your everyday life. If it is part of everyday life, there's nothing special about it.

There are some diets that fit well into this line of thinking, for example the Paleo-diet. But this information here is not and should not be seen as a “diet”. This is simply the right way to eat. This is how we are made to eat, otherwise we will get and stay sick. 

Fill the gas tank of a Ferrari with tequila and see how far can it go before breaking down.

It is quite simple, right? If you fuel it the wrong combustible, it will break down. Then how is it that you feed yourself what you are not made to eat?

As I mentioned in the last lesson, you will have to learn how to cope with the current environments and make the best out of your actual choices. You may need a guide to do it and I will be pleased to help. Contact me through Twitter @salvadorcamac and let me know your thoughts and questions!