Congratulations for making it so far. 

Let’s finish with a challenge because what is theory without practice?

So let’s try to eat the way I've recommended for three to four weeks and see the difference. You shouldn't feel hunger, but if you are hungry, just eat more. Try to always eat the three macronutrients combined.

Tell me how are you feeling by Twitter @salvadorcamac and follow me to read more about what you just learned. 

Whenever you have questions, doubts, need bibliography, studies, etc. feel free to contact me. I am eager to learn from your experiences!

Thanks a lot for having invested your time in this course! I really appreciate it. Please let me know if I can be of further help to you.

Below is a simple chart with some examples of real food and its non-real food versions, so you do not get confused: 

Examples of real food:   and under them,  Examples of NON real food:

Fruits with all the skin                         Juices

Vegetables with all the leafs               Cans of vegetables

Unprocessed meat                             Nuggets

Plain water                                          Sodas

Cocoa butter                                      Chocolate

Sunflower seeds, almonds, nuts        Bread (even whole-grain)