I am pretty sure that you have already seen all the statistics describing how everyday more and more people are having problems with overweight and obesity.

This is of course a big problem because all of the health negative consequences associated to overweight.

But wait a minute, we just said in the last lessons that weight is not important, so why should we care about overweight?

Strictly speaking, as explained before, we shouldn’t care about weight but let’s take a closer look to find out what do public organisms mean by “overweight”:

Overweight and obesity is how public health refers to an excessive fat accumulation. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines obesity as an “excessive or abnormal fat accumulation” 

So to avoid confusions and misunderstandings I will also use the term “overweight” but I always refer to excessive fat accumulation, ok?

Activity: Pay attention to all the media and people talking about overweight and obesity. See how they mix weight with fat. Listen carefully and you will see that they are always talking about fat accumulation when referring to weight.