Few things are more frustrating to millennials in the workplace than having to waste time on unnecessary procedures because “that’s the way it’s always been done.” Millennials feel constrained by what they see as outdated working practices in a traditional office. Sixty-five percent of them said that outdated management styles and rigid hierarchies slow them down and mare their work more inefficient. Forty-six percent said that  their managers didn’t understand how to best use technology.

Two things you can do:

1. Set them free.

Millennials prefer flexibility over rigidity when they have clear instructions, milestones, and targets. Although a lot of them still prefer to work in an office, they also want their work to be measured through results, not through punching a time card.

They also want to have the freedom of a fluid work schedule, and a creative environment in which they can bounce ideas off other colleagues.

2. Reconsider unnecessary processes and procedures.

A work environment that is bogged down in rigid procedures and antiquated processes is an environment in which people will feel demotivated, at best. In a worst case scenario, employees become disengaged and hopeless.

While procedures are set in place to make things easier, you should consider whether it’s time to review some of them or remove them altogether.