I hope you are enjoying this course and its exercises.

Today I will talk about inspiration. What inspires you? Please note, I am not asking about what impresses you. A waiter at a restaurant might impress you because of their good service.

Inspiration is a form of meaning experience which stimulates you to do or create something. It can come from experiencing art or from ordinary people who have done great things. Inspiration triggers a sense of deeper meaning in us. You can get inspired by Mozart, Van-Gogh, Gandhi, Einstein, Chanel or Steve Jobs. Sometimes you stumble upon an inspiration, at those times you are lucky. At other times, you can actively seek inspiration. Look out for sources around you. Read good books, watch documentaries, experience art. Be out there and experience stuff. Think about how it affects you in making deeper meaning. Think about how the subject matter resonated with you. Think about emotions which got triggered in you. Do it often and you will start to see a pattern.

Today, I want you to think about people or things (like a piece of art) which have stimulated you or inspired you in some way.

Make a list on a piece of paper. What triggered that feeling in you? Write down few things which triggered momentary meaning experience in you. Write down what triggered deeper meaning in you. Why?



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