Welcome & Congratulations!

You are about to embark on a meaningful (and the most important) journey of your life. By the time you finish this 10-day course, your life will have changed. The path of this journey is going to be real work. But you are ready for it; aren’t you?

Before we begin, here are a few things I want from you:

1. Have a commitment to change your life.

2. Be experimental & playful.

3. Quick in taking action.

4. Have discipline & practice.

Let’s begin by exploring some ideas from evolutionary science and existential philosophy. These will act as axioms for rest of this course.

1. We came into existence through evolution. We were not designed by someone.

2. Life, in itself has no purpose. We are here to choose our own purpose.

3. If you decide not to have a life purpose, you will not have one.

4. Choosing a life purpose is a conscious decision to attain something which in your eyes is larger than your own existence, and which you think is valuable and makes you feel proud.

5. The terms `life-purpose’ and `meaning’ are fundamentally interrelated. ‘Life purpose’ is a decision towards a certain intention and ‘meaning’ is your psychological experience.

6. Your principles, beliefs and values define your `meaning-making’ experience.

7. You have to continuously monitor your life with your purpose & meaning, and check if they are synchronised.

8. As you grow and mature, your `meaning-making’ (psychological experience) needs will change.

9. You may not experience stimulation & pleasure in pursuit of life-purpose at all times.

10. Just because you know your life purpose doesn’t mean that you are living it.

I think, that’s enough for today :)

But before I go, I want you to reflect upon today’s main ideas:

What in your eyes is larger than your own existence?  Is it something you value? Will attaining it make you feel proud?

Enjoy your exercise,


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