In last 7 days, we have done a lot of progress. I thank you for your commitment, dedication and hard work.

Today we are going to name your life-purpose.

First you need to be aware that your life purpose is for you to choose. It matters to live a life which is well aligned to your values and principles. You may discover that naming your life purpose is either simple or difficult for you. You may want to write down a list of life purposes you may want to have. You may even decide that not having any life-purpose may just be the right thing for you at the moment. It's simple. Sometimes knowing your direction is more important than the destination.

If you are ready to choose your life-purpose then go ahead, write it down. Your life purpose may sound like – My life purpose is to be a journalist who wants to change the world. Or, I want to immerse myself in creating abstract art besides my full-time job. 

Your list may have long term life purposes and/or immediate life purpose (or both). You choose!

Today I want you to create a list of life-purposes you want to have. Please remember, they should be the ones you really want. Not what your parents or your spouse wants. Perhaps you may want to peek into the exercises/notes you have taken in the earlier lessons.



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