Welcome back. You are progressing rapidly. Keep up the good work!

Now that you have thought about your deeper meaning and nurtured personality its time to create an identity. Creating an identity has its own deeper meaning. How you identify with yourself influences how you live your life. For example, you want to write a book, but if you are unable to identify yourself as an author then you will find it difficult to write your book. You have the freedom to choose whatever identity you want. And, you need to create a strong identity which serves you. In a similar manner, you need to disassociate yourself from the identity which does not serve you.

Yes, you can have multiple identities at the same time. You can be a lawyer, musician, painter & a father/mother all at the same time.

Creating and managing your identity is important for your deeper meaning. Also, with time, you need to do a sense check and may need to recreate or upgrade your identity.

Today I need you to look at your yesterday's work on deeper meaning and nurtured personality. See how they can lead you to create an identity. You have the freedom to change and refine your previous work if need be. This is a very crucial step which will help you in your next lessons.



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