Over past few days, you have explored your momentary & deeper meaning making triggers. You wrote about obstacles which hinder your deeper meaning-making goals. You have thought about your sources of inspiration. All these things are centred around YOU! Today I will talk about you and your personality.

Ordinary people don’t think about having a purpose in life. They simply continue to live. You are extraordinary. You want to have a purpose in life and are ready to take necessary steps to have it. Aren’t you? The first step is to be a person who takes action to actualise their goals. The second step is to manage your reality and your circumstances. You need to be in control of your situation.

Today we will go through the first step. We are all born with a certain personality. Our personality is an embedded configuration we have since our birth. We experience subjective reality and make sense of it (perceive it) through this unique configuration. That is why every human being experiences the world differently. This unique configuration within us is our natural-personality.

We also develop a personality as we grow up. We get conditioned by our parents and our society. We learn things. We build habits and behaviours. This is our nurtured-personality. Because it is not hard wired you have a freedom to nurture it yourself. It is important to realise that you HAVE this freedom. You have a freedom to recognise your counterproductive beliefs & habits, and change them.

What are your natural-personality traits? What are your nurtured-personality traits? Start by listing your strengths. What is it that you need to nurture in your existing personality? How will you do it? Are they in sync with your deeper meaning?


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