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Yoga for office workers


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October 02, 2015

How does your body feel right now?

If you turned on your cell phone first thing in the morning, and then rushed off to work, you may not have had the time to notice. Your thoughts have been focused on the past or future instead of what’s happening right now. If that’s the case, there are probably feelings of stress, pressure or anxiety within you. Notice what happens when you instead direct your attention towards the sensations in your body. Are you more present in the moment? Perhaps you instantly feel more harmony, relief, happiness or love.

This is exactly what yoga can help us with. Even though many now associate the word yoga with how the body looks during that handstand rather than how it actually feels, the yoga legend Patanjali defined it as “the calming of thought waves” or “the ability to control fluctuations of the mind”.   

This free course will provide you with nine daily exercises that let you become more present in the here and now. As a bonus, your body will also automatically start to heal and open up.

You’ll get one new exercise per day for nine days, which will then be put together into a 20-minute yoga sequence you can do at home or at the office.

Sounds interesting?