Health & Fitness / How small changes and the adequate motivation can help you become more active

You Don’t Have to Love It

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B5cacfaf08c001fac7e0d63170e9239deaa0ec5d Karin Weman


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January 24, 2017

Research shows that approximately half of those who start exercising quit within three to six months. One of the reasons why so many have a hard time following through on their intentions has to do with motivation. In my thesis “You don’t have to love it” I have examined the mechanisms behind motivation for physical activity and exercise. In this course, I will share my best tips and show how you can apply them. 

This is the course for you if you’ve always wanted to be more active, but tend to quit after a while. The course will also help you if you’re the kind of person who has a hard time getting started at all. It’s also aimed at those looking to get an increased, and a bit more scientific, understanding of how motivation works. 

Note that this isn’t a course aimed at any specific form of exercise, but rather one which will provide you with tools that can be applied to all forms of physical activity, daily exercise and workouts.

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