Effectively Wild Episode 1949: The Stories We Missed in 2022 (AL Edition)


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley close the book on 2022 by bantering about the year in Effectively Wild, the Marlins signing Jean Segura, the heretofore-unsuspected existence of Charles Leblanc, and the pitch-calling accuracy of 10 retiring umpires, plus followups on how the zombie runner affects plate appearance totals, Lars Nootbaar’s pepper grinder, the year-to-year consistency of team replay-review success rates, and overlooked Rockies stories. Then (38:51) they discuss at least one listener-nominated topic about each American League team that they had previously overlooked on the podcast in 2022 (including mini Stat Blasts about the most unique team lineups used per season and Anthony Santander and team winning percentages when a player hits at least two homers), plus a Past Blast (1:46:52) from 1949.

Audio intro: Other Lives, “End of the Year
Audio outro: Blue Rain Boots, “2023

Link to nVenue episode
Link to MLBTR on Segura
Link to projected team WAR
Link to retiring umps story
Link to Umpire Scorecards
Link to Hallion punchouts video
Link to story on ump improvements
Link to story on ump age
Link to EW episode on NL teams
Link to pepper grinder story
Link to tweets about Nootbaar
Link to replay success rates
Link to success-rate spreadsheet
Link to stat correlations
Link to SP stat correlations
Link to more stat correlations
Link to pitching stat correlations
Link to xstats correlations
Link to Freeland clip
Link to Pint story
Link to Rockies scoreboard
Second link to Rockies scoreboard
Link to 2022 SP WAR
Link to Baker deli story
Link to Craig Wright on Vogt
Link to UPI Vogt story
Link to Vogt homer video
Link to Vogt ref impression 1
Link to Vogt ref impression 2
Link to highest BABIPs
Link to OAA behind pitcher
Link to FG on the righty shift
Link to Jays Journal on Gausman
Link to The Athletic on Gausman
Link to Jay Jaffe on Gausman
Link to Kwan pinball story
Link to swing rate leaderboard
Link to CtC on Gonzalez
Link to story on Gonzalez’s swings
Link to story on Harry Ford
Link to story on Great Britain/WBC
Link to 2+ home run spreadsheet
Link to immaculate innings story
Link to best second-half hitters
Link to Harold Ramírez story
Link to Boston.com on Eck
Link to The Ecktionary on Twitter
Link to Ecktionary glossary
Link to The Athletic on Eckersley
Link to Eck on “pair of shoes”
Link to CBS Sports on Cuas
Link to The Athletic on Cuas
Link to Cuas MLBN video
Link to Cuas on his debut
Link to article on Meadows
Link to Rodriguez report
Link to Rodriguez return story
Link to lineups spreadsheet
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Link to fastest four-seamers
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Link to ultimate grand slams
Link to Cabrera robbery
Link to article on Cabrera
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Link to 1949 story source
Link to Dodgertown site
Link to story on Rickey innovations
Link to Jacob Pomrenke’s website
Link to Jacob Pomrenke on Twitter

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