Here are some questions we get a lot. If you can’t find your question on this list we encourage you to send it to our CEO Niklas (friendly guy) and he’ll personally respond to it within 24 hours. Click here to email him.

Why should I create a course?

You create a course because you want to build an audience who likes what you do, and because you’ve realized that sharing knowledge is the best way to reach that audience.

A course is, in other words, a great marketing channel and a scalable way to gather leads and to position yourself as a thought leader.

Daily Bits Of is for the people that see knowledge as an unconditional right for all. People that value their generous, smart and energetic friends and that believe in sharing, openness and getting things done.

How does a course on Daily Bits Of increase my exposure?

How do I get started as an expert on Daily Bits Of?

It’s super easy! Just sign up and start writing.

What exactly is a course?

Courses should be focused on the topic that you’re an expert on. We mean really focused. Every course is made up of lessons, which we call bits. The bits will be delivered to your readers in the form of emails. We encourage our course creators to have a minimum of 10 bits. However, we've noticed that the sweet spot is 12-15. We allow up to 20, but we've noticed that the engagement drops if the course is too long.

How long should each lesson be?

Lessons (we call them bits) can be anywhere around 300 words. That’s about a 3-5 minute read. That’s the magic of Daily Bits Of. Make sure your lessons include at least one actionable step.

Can I get help along the way?

Absolutely. You can reach out to an editor with any questions, comments and requests for feedback at any time. We’re always here to help. We'll work together with you to get a course ready for our platform, and make the effort as painless as possible.

What do you do with the email addresses?

Our terms state that we and the course creators can access the email addresses to people who subscribe on the creators course. We hate spam and wouldn’t dream of selling email addresses.

What does it take to create a course?

Knowledge, inspiration and a clear goal. Writing a course can take some time depending on how much content you already have. One thing you can rely on is that our brilliant editors will help you along the way.

We know what a great micro course looks like so with the help of our template it will be fairly easy for you to turn your knowledge into a great micro course.

Do the readers have options to connect with the course creators?

Absolutely. We do encourage course creators to continue the conversation with their students. We recommend you do that organically though, by providing value. So what we encourage creators to do is to create resources on their website (worksheets, resource guides, planners, etc), and point course takers to those at the end of their lessons.

Can I see how my course is doing?

Of course. We’re all about improvement and growth here. As a course creator, you will be able to see how each bit performs overall, as well as how it performed in the previous week.

Who makes the final call about the course?

You do. We’re here to help and offer guidance based on what we’ve seen performing well on Daily Bits Of, but it’s ultimately you who decides what your course contains and how it’s structured. You’re the expert, after all.

How much do I have to pay to publish a course?

You can create one course for free. It’s our gift to you, to help you get started and see the benefits of our platform. If you want to publish more than one course and/or get more insights about your subscribers and how your course is performing you can upgrade to our basic plan starting at $20 a month.

Is it free to take the course?

You bet! Everyone who signs up to receive your course via email can do so for free. It will always be free to take the courses.

I’m not really sure right now. Can I think about it?

Yes, but let’s keep in touch in the meantime. We wouldn’t want to lose each other on the internet, right? You can follow us on Twitter, like our page on Facebook or email our CEO Niklas on [email protected]