Gear.Club Stradale Is Coming to Apple Arcade: Check Here to Get All the Latest Updates


In the near future, Apple Arcade will be the sole home of “Gear.Club Stradale,” a brand-new racing/driving simulation game.

The game was demonstrated at last week’s Peek Performance event, but there is no set release date at this time.

It plays like Microsoft’s Forza Horizon, with beautiful automobiles to choose between and drive across the Tuscany region of Italy.

Players begin their adventure in a luxurious villa, and they can unlock new cars and unlock new levels of difficulty by working together to complete special challenges on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

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Gear.Club Stradale Is Coming to Apple Arcade

Eden Games claims that the game’s clever, realistic driving aids make it the most accessible racing game ever on smartphones.

The company has been around for over 25 years, and its resume includes such classics as V-Rally and Test Drive Unlimited.

The emphasis on cooperative work in the player’s garage to improve the vehicle’s performance and appearance, à la Need for Speed: Most Wanted, is a major draw (2005).

The more respectable you become in the streets, the more likely you are to be able to afford high-end vehicles.

In international competitions, players would be expected to not only represent their club with distinction but also help their pals get to the top of the ranks.

Gear.Club Stradale Is Coming to Apple Arcade

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Hunting for rewards and completing achievements can also unlock further content.

More than two hundred games for iOS, Mac, and Apple TV are available via Apple’s subscription-based gaming service, Apple Arcade.

A one-month trial is available for Rs 99 in India, providing users with a completely ad-free and in-app-purchase-free experience on the site.

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