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How do I take a course on Facebook Messenger?


How do I take a course on Facebook Messenger?


About half of all people taking a course on Daily Bits Of do so via Facebook Messenger. For some, Messenger is a more convenient channel as they rarely view their email or want to keep the emails the receive to a bare minimum. 

Subscribing via

To start your Messenger subscription you just hit the button saying "Subscribe to Messenger". 

If you are logged into Messenger on your browser you then select "Send to Messenger".

If you are not logged in on Messenger your browser will ask you to do so. 

Once this is done you will receive your first lesson on Messenger.

Subscribing via the Messenger app

You can discover our so-called chatbot on Messenger. It's a bit tricky, and to be honest most people find us via or our Facebook page, but if you're a real early adopter you might want to try the Messenger-way.

Step 1: search for Daily Bits Of on Messenger

Step 2: hit get started

Step 3: follow the bot's instructions