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What course should I start with?


What course should I start with?


This is a great question, like all great questions, there's a short and a long answer.

Short answer

Let your curiosity guide you and hit "subscribe" to the first course that peaks your interest. If it's one of our free courses you aren't really risking anything; if you don't like it you can hit "unsubscribe" at any time and try a new course.

Long answer

Depends on what you are into and in what way you want to develop. Most people who use Daily Bits Of either go for the courses that focus on personal or on professional development. 

Here's a collection of courses that focus on personal development (communication, relationship, and mental health). 

If you want courses that will help you work better and smarter I recommend this collection with our best courses for professional use.

Still not sure where to start? Why not start with our three most liked courses of all time. Again, hit "unsubscribe" if you don't like the course.

The Perfect Conversation by TED-talker Vanessa Van Edwards.

How to Beat Procrastination by researcher and psychologist Alexander Rozental, PhD.

Hacking Human Nature for Good by professor of behavioral economics Dan Ariely.