How to Keep All Your Programs Up-To-Date on A Windows Computer: Everything You Need to Know


You should regularly update your computer software. New updates can provide more features and increase usability, but they are more necessary for bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security patches.

The final message is that it’s important to constantly update your software. But how do you do that? Unfortunately, other than the updates it offers to your operating system, which we’ll cover below, Windows doesn’t offer much in the way of automatic updates.

The availability of automatic updates for other software you use, such as the programmes and games you download to your computer, is typically somewhat limited. You can activate auto-updating for some software, but for others, you must rely on third-party software updaters to accomplish the task.

The advice provided here will help you figure out how your PC software can be updated automatically, whether you recently bought a new computer and are installing new programmes on it or you’ve had yours for a while but have noticed how much you detest manually upgrading things.

Use Windows Update

The tools included with Windows as well as the full operating system need to be updated as frequently as possible. It makes sense to activate these updates because Microsoft distributes updates on a weekly basis, giving you fresh protection and occasionally new features.

How to Keep All Your Programs Up-To-Date on A Windows Computer

The operating system includes a utility from Microsoft called Windows Update that may be used to update it as needed.

Open Windows Update in step one. You can do this by looking for Windows Update in the Control Panel or Start menu.

Choose the Check for updates link in step two.

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Step 3: To make sure your computer has the most recent updates available, select Install updates.

Update Third-Party Software

It’s not as simple to update individual applications as it is to update the Windows operating system. You could always re-download your programmes periodically to make sure they are updated, but that is tiresome and frequently ends up being a waste of time because some of your software may have been abandoned by the creator and updates haven’t been made available.

Instead, you can install specialized apps that will update your other programmes! Yes, it does seem strange, but they do exist and are really useful. IObit Software Updater, Patch My PC, and FileHippo App Manager are a few of the better free ones.

Thor is a different free programme updater that just focuses on security updates. A software updater is a function of some programmes like CCleaner, but it costs money.

Simply install the apps, and then set up a few options to specify when and what to check for. These programmes are excellent for upgrading other software because the majority of them alert you when a programme requires an update, and some even handle the entire updating process for you.

Auto-updaters, however, do not catch everything for the straightforward reason that they are unable to. There are several pieces of software available, and no updater can possibly list them all.

Even with paid updaters that can support more programmes than the free ones, you’re still likely to encounter instances where the software updating tool doesn’t support one or more of the apps you have installed on your computer.

Advice: Various software updates will support various programmes. Try using a different updater if you discover that the one you currently use does not automatically update a particular software that you want it to support. Run a few at once if you want to catch everything.

How to Keep All Your Programs Up-To-Date on A Windows Computer

Checking whether the software has an auto-update option in the settings is another technique to guarantee that your third-party programmes update automatically.

Some apps will check for updates but not install them for you, while other programmes will check and install automatically.

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For instance, when the Help > About Google Chrome menu is opened in the Chrome browser, any updates that are found will be checked for and installed. Chrome also experiences this automatically and on a regular basis.

Auto Update Games

In most cases, like in the Chrome example above, a setting in the game determines whether or not you keep your PC games updated.

Games that you download and play on Steam have built-in auto-updating. There isn’t really anything you need to do to keep Steam games updated since they all update by default when the developer pushes an update out to users.

When updates are available, if a Steam game isn’t updating, right-click the game in the program’s LIBRARY area, then select Properties.

Make sure that one of the following selections is made in the UPDATES tab: Continually update this game, Only update this game when I start it, High Priority: Prioritize this game’s automatic updates over all others.

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