Mp4 Compressor: Best Ways to Compress Mp4


How To Compress a Video?

To select a video file, click the “Choose Video” button.
The default settings are fine as is. or provide more customizations
To initiate compression, select the “Compress Video” button.

When the progress bar reaches “Done,” select “Download Video.”

To reduce the size of your video files, whether they’re MP4, AVI, MKV, or something else entirely, this is the greatest video compressor in the world.

You can either go with the preset options, which will reduce the movie size by 40%, or enter a value yourself.

How Do I Choose the Best Video Encoder?

We employ the widely-implemented and widely-supported H.264 and H.265 video encoding standards.

Mp4 Compressor:

When comparing compression rates, H.265 is superior to x264, especially at 1080p and 4k HD.

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What Software Do I Need to Play a Compressed Video?

All major browsers and mobile devices support the compression codecs we utilize. There shouldn’t be any problems with the playback. The open-source VLC media player is worth a shot if you’re having trouble (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile versions are available).

You can upload files with the following extensions:.vob,.f4p,.divx,.mpv,.rm,.swf,.m4v,.rmvb,.mts,.mp4,.qt,.wtv,.3gp,.3gpp,.webm,.mp4,.mpeg,.mkv,.avi,

Superior Video Compression Techniques

Two basic techniques exist for reducing a video’s file size. If you want to reduce the file size of a video, you can either increase the bitrate or shrink the film’s actual size. We offer four options for both approaches. This is the rationale:

  1. Using Only The Highest-Quality Videos as The Criteria

Constant Rate Factor (CRF): The goal of the CRF approach is to maintain a constant level of perceived video quality. To achieve this, it applies distinct levels of compression to each frame.

CRF settings for the H264 encoder can be anywhere from 0 to 51. The lower the value, the higher the quality of the compressed file (but bigger file size). Its default value is 23.

Video compression rates are said to be “presets.” For a given level of video quality, selecting a slower preset result in better optimization (lower bitrate/file size). Select a slower setting if you’d rather have a smaller file than a faster encoding time.

2) Relative to The Initial Size (default)

With this approach, you can specify a desired video file size as a percentage of the full-resolution source. If you compress a 1GB file down to 600MB, for instance, the original file will be 1GB.

The advantages of this strategy include the fact that you can accomplish the desired size. However, the quality of the final product could be compromised depending on the size of the target.

Start with a manageable size (as a proportion of the original) and then check the video quality to see if you can get away with less. If you want higher quality, you’ll need a bigger target.

Mp4 Compressor

This is how videos are automatically compressed.

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3. Limit Maximum Bitrate

By using this technique, you can limit the video quality to a specific maximum bitrate. CRF regulates the standard (constant rate factor). If you’re using the video in a streaming application and would like some say over the streaming bandwidth rate, this is the route to go.

If you want to use this method, pick “By Max Bitrate” from the “Video Compress” menu. Take a look at Regulating Video Bitrates for additional information.

4. Reduce the File Size of Your Video (Re-Size)

Saving space is another benefit of reducing the video’s resolution (its dimensions). If you’re working with a 4K (4320p) video but a 1080p display, for instance, you can compress it to 1080p to reduce the file size. Select “Re-size video” from “Advanced Settings” to use this feature.

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