Social Media Marketing Strategy: How To Get an Edge Over the Competition?


Online competition is more vital now than it has ever been before. This is a more challenging task.

As the price of advertising continues to rise and consumer habits shift, many businesses are left wondering how they can remain competitive without breaking the bank. But have no fear; it is feasible.

How to Dominate the Competition on Social Media: 10 Tips

1. Conduct a Brand Audit

You need to determine what is and is not working in your current social media strategy before you can move on with developing a new, more competitive approach. A brand audit can help with that.

An audit of your brand’s sales data, marketing strategy, website, and other aspects will provide you with a bird’s-eye view of how you compare to the competition. Your brand’s consistency, cohesion, and efficacy are then evaluated, and growth opportunities are pinpointed.

There are several helpful guides available online for performing a brand audit. There are typically five stages involved:

Think carefully about how you stack up against the competition.

Examine your online persona and the visual brand you’ve built for yourself.

Evaluate the efficacy of your logo, website copy, email copy, and advertising copy.

Evaluate where your brand stands in relation to the competition.

Identify weak spots and write them down.

  1. Check out The Social Media Accounts of Your Rivals.

Different people use and interact with various social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want to succeed with social media, you need to study what your rivals are doing to win over followers and think of ways to outdo them.

To visualize this, consider the following indicators:

Increased numbers of followers on your most important social media platforms.
The best time of day to post on each social media platform.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

3. Get to Know Your Clients’ Wants and Needs

Knowing your audience is essential for successful social media engagement. Conducting market research is essential for every successful enterprise; it will reveal the best strategies for connecting with your target audience on social media.

Following that, here are some suggestions for conducting targeted market research:

Learn about your clients’ requirements through in-depth interviews, surveys, and usability tests.

Compare your core products to those of your rivals.
Take the time to read the feedback your customers have left on social media.
Put what you’ve learned into your advertising campaigns.

4. Individualize Your Strategy for Each Platform

The best results can be achieved by adopting a varied, customized strategy that takes into account the specifics of each social media platform. Learn how to adapt your techniques for each individual platform by following these guidelines.

Modify your content accordingly. Tweet bite-sized, attention-grabbing prose and save Instagram for eye-catching photos.

Invent your own creative subtitles. Write unique captions for each platform you work with, adapting the voice to the channel’s purpose rather than simply copying and pasting.

Reuse your material in other contexts. Repurpose one piece of long-form content (such as a video or podcast) into several shorter pieces (such as picture quotations, blogs, and SlideShare presentations).

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5. Go Viral

Everyone wants their content to become viral, but that’s easier said than done. But if you share material you already know your audience will appreciate based on your market research, you can increase the likelihood that it will go viral.

The best information to share is that which can evoke strong feelings in the reader, which is also humorous or unexpected. Infographics and other visual content can be very successful when trying to go viral.

6. Post Regularly

To achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition, a consistent posting schedule is essential on social media. In order to strike a healthy balance between promotional and original material, consider the 5-3-2 guideline.

Five accumulative posts. These updates feature relevant content from other sources that you think your audience will enjoy.

There are three posts for making things. All of the information in these updates is carefully selected to complement your brand.

Two ‘humanizing’ positions. These are lighthearted, conversational pieces meant to make your business seem more friendly and approachable.

7. Maintain a Result Tracking System

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Using analytics tools for social media is a great method to track your progress and improve your social media strategy.

These resources make it simpler to publish online and also help you keep tabs on your many social media profiles, evaluate the efficacy of your individual posts, and keep tabs on key performance indicators in your day-to-day operations. Maintain a close eye on these KPIs as you develop your social media plan.

8. Put Your Efforts Towards Making the Customer Happy

If you want to keep ahead of the competition, you need to focus on providing a superior customer experience. Here are some suggestions for enhancing the value of your social media profiles:

Improve your interactions with customers by utilizing chatbots.

Take into account the advice of your customers and use social media to improve your service.
Showcase positive evaluations and feedback from customers to gain their trust.
Make your fans feel appreciated by responding to their feedback.

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9 – Set Yourself Apart

Creating a unique voice for your brand is a certain way to make an impression on social media. Keeping this in mind, consider how you may maintain the distinctiveness of your brand while yet expressing your individuality. This includes, but is not limited to, sharing content outside of your niche.

Gain your client’s trust and attention by providing them with exclusive access to company happenings, foster meaningful connections through open dialogue, and make an effort to establish yourself as an industry expert on issues of importance to your clientele.

10. Utilize Opinion Leaders

An online campaign’s best secret weapon is a group of influential people who can spread the word for you. Cooperating with influential people who already have relationships with related brands will yield the best results. Most brands can benefit greatly from working with micro-influencers.

An Improvement in Social Media Begins Here

To that end, social media may be quite effective if used properly. Get in touch with InThink Agency today if you don’t want to improve your social content on your own; our Growth Plan creation services can help you stand out on social and continue surpassing the competition for years to come.

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