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I’ve always found that you’re either an accessories person or you’re not. I definitely fall into former. Accessories are an easy way for me to change up the look of a particular outfit and give it a different vibe. I love experimenting with different pieces whether it be a pair of knockout statement earrings or a simple necklace. And it also refreshes existing outfits in my closet—simply changing up the earrings I’m wearing or the watch I’ve got on can take an ensemble into an entirely different direction.

While I do love mixing it up whenever I can, I do this in conjuction with a few fave pieces that are staples in my everyday accessories game. This regular rotation of accoutrements are comprised of pieces that I almost never leave the house without, with all of them holding really special sentimental value. These are my ride-or-die accessories….

Kate Waterhouse watch cartier nail bracelet givenchy antigona bag

A watch, Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet and engagement and wedding rings are a constant in my everyday look

My wedding and engagement ring

I feel naked if I ever walk out of the house without wearing either of these rings. They hold such great sentimental value and are a lovely memento of one of two of the most memorable moments of my entire life.

Cartier Juste Un Clou bracelet

My aunt gifted my this piece for my birthday and it’s a classic staple that I’ve had for several years and pretty much wear every single day. Cartier do such beautiful investment jewellery that is timeless yet still has a modern touch. I can count on this bracelet to work with virtually everything I wear and always makes a great complementary piece to any watch I’m wearing.

A watch

I’m a definite watch girl and always have a timepiece on every single day. I’ve got a few different watches ranging from the ultra special such as the watch I received as a gift on my 30th birthday to on trend pieces that are very of the moment. I like to mix it up depending on my mood that day.

Kate Waterhouse diamond earrings

These diamond earrings are timeless and go with virtually everything I own

Diamond studs

My family gave me a pair of diamond studs as an 18th birthday present and I rarely take them out. I think that’s the appeal of diamonds—they’re definitely a splurge but they more than make up for it in cost per wear as they can work for a daytime look just as easily as they can work with an evening ensemble.

This coin necklace was a gift from my dad

Gold coin necklace

I have a piece that my dad gave me which is a gold necklace with a coin. It’s an antique guinea coin that he had especially made into a necklace for me so I have always treasured it. It’s also so very versatile. I wear it almost everyday. I also love that it also has a historical element to it and has plenty of sentimental value. It always reminds me of my dad whenever I wear it.

What are your favourite can’t-live-without accessories?



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