This Vast VR Playground Is Making Immersive Gaming Way More Social


This Vast VR Playground Is Making Immersive Gaming Way More Social
This Vast VR Playground Is Making Immersive Gaming Way More Social

This is a sponsored article on behalf of meetspaceVR.

Looking for a more exhilarating alternative to after-work drinks? Fancy yourself as a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Then you need to know about meetspace VR: a virtual reality arcade of theme park proportions in Wembley that’s all about making immersive gaming more group-friendly.

This place is over 300sqm — that’s larger than a tennis court — allowing up to eight people to play together at once, and there’s an epic array of both co-operative and competitive game experiences to choose from. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

meetspaceVR’s biggest draw has got to be its Zero Latency offering. These are untethered, free roam experiences which means no wires, no teleport, and a heck of a lot more freedom for you and your squad.

Battle zombies in the Undead Arena, investigate a peril-laden space station in Singularity, or try to escape Vass and his pirate hoards in the bestselling FARCRYVR — the first global video game IP to be brought to arena-scale free roam VR. There are currently eight Zero Latency experiences to choose from, including a couple of family-friendly options (suitable for ages 10+).

Whichever one you and your crew opt for, you can expect to be transported into a whole new world. We’re talking experiences so immersive that your fight or flight instinct kicks in. But don’t be scared —  in-game communication is a key part of the fun, so your fellow players will be with you every step of the way. Unless, of course, they are playing against you…

On top of meetspaceVR’s Zero Latency offering, there are VR Escape Rooms for 2-4 players, with cyberpunk, Greek mythology, and Alice in Wonderland-themed adventures, to name but a few. It also boasts an enormous library of single-player VR games for any time your pals can’t make it.

What’s more, because meetspaceVR is located in BOXPARK Wembley, you’ve got a fantastic range of food and drink options close by to help fuel your escapades — great if you want to really make a day of it.

On top of Wembley, meetspaceVR is also available in Nottingham, Birmingham and Thatcham. Head to the meetspaceVR website to find your nearest location and book a thrill ride like no other today.

Know an adrenaline junkie who deserves a treat? Gift cards are also available — for every one purchased, meetspaceVR creates a bursary space for a child to attend one of their game coding workshops.

meetspaceVR, BOXPARK Wembley. Open noon-10pm Monday to Saturday, and noon-8pm on Sundays. All sessions should be booked in advance.

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