Feeding Your Kids

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Eszter Erdélyi is the author of the Feeding Your Kids program and the CEO of Feeding Your Kids Foundation. She's also a specialist in behavior change design. The Feeding Your Kids program to date has impacted more than 60.000 people in 120 countries and counting.

Feeding Your Kids is the application of Eszter’s extensive experience in the mechanics of motivation to food and nutrition, paired with her real life experiences as a mother of two.

Eszter grew up in Hungary, spent several years transforming Central European companies into profit-making businesses and multinational operations conquering the common European Market. Eszter came to the U.S. to attend Harvard Business School. She is co-author of How Healthy Is Your Organization? The Leader’s Guide to Curing Corporate Diseases and Promoting Joyful Cultures.

Eszter has lived in Budapest, Boston, London, Paris, and Greenwich, and presently resides in San Francisco with her family.