Åsa Bengtsson

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Hi, I'm Asa!

As a native Swede spending many years living in England, I've become a true Anglophiles, something I'm especially proud of now I've moved back to Sweden.

I am passionate about bringing "The Very Best of British" to the Swedish community and fill my days with things I love doing.

I'm busy helping people grow in an international environment, helping my customers speak better English, feel more confident presenting their business idea in English, having a stronger elevator pitch or better negotiation skills so they can deal with international clients and suppliers.

I also translate websites, marketing material and all types of literature for businesses and authors, either for English speaking firms & authors that want to enter the Scandinavian market or for Swedish businesses & writers that want to take a daring step out of their Scandinavian comfort zone.

Extremely short, abbreviated bio:

Customer service/Logistics and Key Acct Mgmt for several global companies and also Project Manager for a few years. Have run my company (www.greatlittlebritain.com) since 2012 and am a complete language nerd.