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My name is Johanna Milne and I am a Swedish married mother of two.  I grew up (and spent most of my life there) in the UK hence I am a bit of a foreigner in my own country! I love to eat and I exercise quite a lot. Having changed the way I eat - now 1.5 years ago I am 5kg lighter and a whole lot fitter.  I am quite pleased with myself for being in the best shape I ever have been the year I turn 40.

This course is based on my experience of a constipated child, some kilos to loose and some friends with horrible diseases and therefore not wanting to eat sugar and carbohydrates.  Living in Sweden where Fika (coffee and cake) is critical to society I wanted to be able to provide tasty Fika that everyone could eat!  After over a year it has become a way of life for me and my family and I thought I would share some recipes and ways of eating no gluten, no refined carbohydrates or sugars either. I am very proud to say we have changed the way we eat.  One thing I also think is critical to our way of eating is that it truly is an 80:20 rule in eating well. Denying yourself of all things you loved from the past will not work... I know I sometimes eat a family pack of cheese doodles, I also drink wine (sometimes a lot more than 1 glass...).

I feel that eating well in terms of meals may be easier but it is often snacks and when you need something sweet that everything goes wrong. Hence this course gives you snacks and sweet treats that you can serve as pudding or eat on the go.

Good luck, Love Johanna