Lisa Enckell

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About me

* Former VP Marketing at the venture-backed start-up Wrapp where I led and hired the marketing team. Started in Stockholm, spent 2.5 years working in San Francisco.

* Now product and marketing consultant for start-ups (mainly consumer-facing). Clients include Candy Crush Saga maker King.com, the world's fastest growing period tracking app Clue, San Francisco-based Operator, Swedish startups Lookback and Qapital.

* Decided to learn more about the world and went off on a long adventure, Approach. I will live in ten different countries during the coming five years. I will work for startups and investors in every place and continue working with some of my current clients. Follow the journey by subscribing to the newsletter.

* Academic background: Master's degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm School of Economics, major in Marketing and Media Management.

* Early days: Theatre producer, professional speaker and PR consultant.


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