Who are the rabble rousers to watch in 2023?


Each year, we ask our audience to share with us the organizations, activists, and changemakers they know who are doing incredible work in activism. And every year, we then have the privilege of highlighting a brand new group of people as part of our ‘rabble rousers to watch’ series. 

Our ‘rabble rousers to watch’ series is a part of rabble’s Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit. Our Toolkit, named after labour and social justice organizer, Lynn Williams, works to amplify the work of activists across Canada. rabble.ca is a publication which was created by progressive journalists and activists. So we understand that activism requires amplifiers to help build movements and create change. With our rabble rousers to watch series, we hope to achieve just that. 

There are so many amazing activists and organizations coast to coast to coast that our audience needs to learn about — and so we are turning to you, our community, for feedback. 

We want to hear from you. What are the organizations that inspire you? Who are the activists leading progressive change in your community? In 2023 and beyond, we want to continue to support the movements that make our communities stronger. 

Please use this form to nominate activists who have made a difference! Whose work should rabble be covering next year?

Nominations are open until midnight, January 2, 2023. As a special thank you, everyone who participates in our survey will be entered into a draw to win one of our limited union-made rabble tote bags.

If you’d like to support independent media today, consider making a donation at rabble.ca/donate. Every little bit counts!

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