YouTube Channels Blocked by Govt: 38 YouTube Channels Banned by Govt This Month


On Monday, the Indian government shut down 16 YouTube channels for propagating disinformation. Pakistan accounted for a sixth of the 16 channels.

Earlier in the month, the administration had already suspended 22 YouTube channels for similar reasons.

On Monday, the government ordered a new ban on 16 YouTube channels, saying that their combined audience was 68 crores.

What’s more, the 22 YouTube channels that were removed earlier this month had a significantly larger audience.

After today’s removal, a total of 38 channels with a combined monthly audience in the hundreds of millions of visitors have been removed from YouTube this month. This month in India, the following YouTube channels have been banned:

YouTube Channels Blocked by Govt:

Online Video Content Creators Based in India

  • Saini Education Research
  • Hindi Mein Dekho
  • Technical Yogendra
  • Aaj te news
  • SBB News
  • Defense News24x7
  • The study time
  • Latest Update
  • Tahaffuz-E-Deen India
  • ARP News
  • AOP News
  • LDC News
  • SarkariBabu
  • SS ZONE Hindi
  • Smart News
  • News23Hindi
  • Online Khabar
  • DP news
  • PKB News
  • KisanTak
  • Borana News
  • Sarkari News Update
  • Bharat Mausam
  • RJ ZONE 6
  • Exam Report
  • Digi Gurukul
  • दिनभरकीखबरें

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Pakistani Tv Channels

YouTube Channels Blocked by Govt:
  • AjTak Pakistan
  • Discover Point
  • Reality Checks
  • Kaiser Khan
  • The Voice of Asia
  • Bol Media Bol
  • DuniyaMeryAagy
  • Ghulam NabiMadni

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How Come These Channels Are Outlawed?

On Monday, the Press Information Bureau (PIB) issued a statement saying that Indian television networks were covering the declaration of a nationwide lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The networks also fabricated reports about a purported threat to certain populations.

YouTube channels headquartered in Pakistan were determined to have been utilized in a coordinated manner to broadcast fake news about India on numerous issues, including the Indian Army, Jammu, and Kashmir, and India’s foreign relations in light of the situation in Ukraine, etc., the statement read.

A PIB press statement from April 5 claimed that certain YouTube channels were exploiting the branding and graphics of legitimate TV news outlets to trick their audiences into thinking the content was real.

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